TensorRT BatchNorm Error

Hey team,

I am trying to run TensorRT over a classification model I have. I have input the model and deploy files as required and I get the following error

Batch normalization moving average is zero
error parsing layer type BatchNorm index 4
Engine could not be created

Any TensorRT pros out there?

BTW it works great with my standard GoogLenet models.

Don’t worry I figured it out (it seems obvious now). The weights for the moving average in my batchNorm layers where set to zero. I modified them to be non-zero using Python, now it is okay.

I am getting a new error now. Any ideas?

caffeParser.cpp:94: virtual nvinfer1::Dims2 CaffeParserPoolingDimsCallback::compute(nvinfer1::Dims2, nvinfer1::Dims2, nvinfer1::Dims2, nvinfer1::Dims2, const char*): Assertion `input.h + 2 * padding.h >= kernel.h' failed.

I know it has been a while, but are you still having this problem?

Hum, I thought Batch Normalization layer was not support in TensorRT. From documentation:

“Batch Normalization can be implemented using the TensorRT Scale layer.”

Read more at: http://docs.nvidia.com/deeplearning/sdk/tensorrt-user-guide/index.html#ixzz4v7RRWk8N
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Did you use a scale layer?

If I have a network containing BN layer, do I need to re-train after changing BN layer to Scale layer?


Hi, I can solve this issue perfectly.

# load caffe model
net_model = caffe.Net(deploy_file_path, caffemodel_path)
# changing all moving average factor to 1 (or others you want)
for p in net_model.params:
    if get_layer_by_name(str(p)).type == "BatchNorm":
        net_model.params[str(p)][2].data[0] = 1
# than save it

If you want any help on this issue, please let me know.

Best regards,