TensorRT installation issue on AGX ORIN

The default TensorRT version which is installed on ORIN with Jetpack 5.1/5.0 is 8.5( with ubuntu 20.04 , python 3.8) . When the OS is upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04, then the default python Version has 3.10.

  • After setting the default python path to 3.8, we are facing an error related to TensorRT (both on python3.8, python3.10) though the package files are present in user site-packages.


What would be the suitable solution for this bug ?

  • We would want to have a tensorrt version which is both compatible to Python version 3.8 and python 3.10 on CUDA 11.4, Ubuntu 22.04. Or any of the compatible version of trt which runs on either mentioned python versions (on CUDA 11.4, Ubuntu 22.04)

Please refer to the installation steps from the below link if in case you are missing on anything

Also, we suggest you to use TRT NGC containers to avoid any system dependency related issues.