TENSORRT Model using FP16 Plugins and Kernels

I am trying to convert my network into FP16 mode where the network can also run cuda kernel for IPluginExt in FP16 mode too for which I am using __half datatype but context.enqeue doesnt give me the right values after inference, it seems like it gives garbage values but when I use float instead of __half, the model works fine and Inference gives me correct output. My Inference Code is given below:

void doInference(IExecutionContext& context, __half* input, __half* output, int batch_size)
    const ICudaEngine& engine = context.getEngine();

    assert(engine.getNbBindings() == 2);
    void* buffers[2];

    const int input_bind = engine.getBindingIndex(INPUT_NAME);
    const int output_bind = engine.getBindingIndex(OUTPUT_NAME);

    cout << "Size of __half data type is : " << sizeof(__half) << endl;
    CudaSafeCall(cudaMalloc(&buffers[input_bind], INPUT_SIZE*sizeof(__half)));
    CudaSafeCall(cudaMalloc(&buffers[output_bind], OUTPUT_SIZE*sizeof(__half)));

    cudaStream_t stream;

    cout << "Address of buffer[input_bind] is " << buffers[input_bind] << endl;
    cout << "Address of buffer[output_bind] is " << buffers[output_bind] << endl;
    CudaSafeCall(cudaMemcpyAsync(buffers[input_bind], input, INPUT_SIZE*sizeof(__half), cudaMemcpyHostToDevice, stream));
    bool result = context.enqueue(batch_size, buffers, stream, nullptr);
    if (result)
        cout << "Enqeue was successful" << endl;
    cout << "Address of buffer[output_bind] after enqeue is " << buffers[output_bind] << endl;
    cout << "Size of buffers[output_bind] is : " << sizeof(buffers[output_bind]) << endl;
    CudaSafeCall(cudaMemcpyAsync(output, buffers[output_bind], OUTPUT_SIZE*sizeof(__half), cudaMemcpyDeviceToHost, stream));
    for (int i=0; i<OUTPUT_SIZE; i++)
        cout <<  fp16::__half2float(output[i]) << endl;

    // Release stream and buffers

And my enqueue of IPluginExt is like this:

virtual int enqueue(int batchSize, const void* const* inputs, void** outputs, void* workspace, cudaStream_t stream) override
        cout << "Address inside kernel for INPUT: " << inputs[0] << endl;
        cout << "Address inside kernel for OUTPUT: " << outputs[0] << endl;
        interp_gpu( (const __half*)inputs[0], mInputDims.d[3], mInputDims.d[2], mInputDims.d[1], batchSize, (__half *)outputs[0], b_x, b_y, b_z, stream );       
        return 0;

where inter_gpu is my custom kernel which takes in __half input

What version of trt are you using?

TRT 4.0
I can not use TRT 5 because TX2 does not support it


To help us debug, can you please share a repro that demonstrate the symptoms you are seeing?

Also, before a complete repro, Engineering suggests the to check the format and other input parameters of your plugin.
you can check the parameter of “configureWithFormat”, and check the “supportsFormat” of your plugin code.
To see if there are format/datatype inconsistency.

Hi Sohaib.arshid101, do you explicitly convert data type to __half in iplugin? I thought tensorrt would do it automatically before and after iplugin layer.