TensorRT Python INT8 calibration failure

I am trying to calibrate a caffe model to infer with INT8 precision.
I am following this guide: https://devblogs.nvidia.com/parallelforall/int8-inference-autonomous-vehicles-tensorrt/

The only change I made is changing the model to classification (googlenet, using argmax as post-processor), and using jpg for calibration dataset.

I get the following error:

[TensorRT] INFO: Calculating Maxima
[TensorRT] ERROR: Calibration failure occured with no scaling factors detected. Please see int8 sample to setup calibration correctly.
[TensorRT] ERROR: Failed to create engine

Can you provide any idea on why this is happenning?

Thanks in advance.

Seems that it is not supported yet.

Did you manage to solve your issue here.

I have the same problem
Are there any other INT8 pipeline sample for python? I only find the C++ pipeline in the official samples.