TensorRT static libraries are missing "protobuf" symbols

Hi All,

I am trying to use static TensorRT libraries (ver 4 RC) on ubuntu 16.04 (intel cpu)

I noticed that lots of “google_private::protobuf::internal::” symbols are undefined in libnvparsers.a which prevents successful linking.

These symbols are defined in dynamic version of the library (libnvparsers.so)

Anyone had same experience?


Yes I am encountering the same issue with the static TensorRT libraries [ver 4] on Ubuntu 16.0.4

I see that my version of protobuf uses the namespace google (instead of google private), but I cannot see any documentation about the use of the google_private namespace in protobuf.

What version of protobuf was tensorrt static libs built with?

Hey,have you guys solve the problem? I met exact same problem

any ideas?

As a work around I used .so library. I think in TensorRT 5 they have fixed few things. I have not tried TensortRT 5 myself yet, but from release notes it looks promising.