tensorrt.tensorrt.Runtime object has no attribute "destroy"

JetPack 4.3, python3, tensorrt 6.0.0, the problem is:


Could you reflash the system with this image and try it again?


Hi, I use jetpack 4.4 and jetbot 4.0 initially. But some problems occur, so I turn to jetpack 4.3 and jetbot 3.0. Besides, jetbot 4.0 cannot run on jetpack 4.3, I have tried. Thanks

Hi 15661805,

Thanks for reaching out!

It seems there was a change to the TensorRT Python API which no longer includes the destroy() method. Instead, object destruction is handled implicitly.

I’ve created the following issue on GitHub to track this.

Thank you for raising this issue. Please let me know if you have any other feedback!