Terminator Inspired project - The Nvidianator

When I heard of the Jetson Nano a few months back I knew it would be perfect for my next project:

The Nvidianator!


It has object/face recognition and ability to record new faces - TTS/STT with a chatbot as well.

Housed in a 3D printed skull.

Let me know what you think!

Lordofbone - this is awesome! build an Nvidianator because … why not? Keep it up!

Thanks! I’m excited to see what new board Nvidia releases next - hopefully can use it in the sequel project.

Just for fun…

It would be fun to have an Nvidianator which also controls a laser pointer pen…recognizes the family cat…and plays with the cat every time it walks by. Anything “Nvidianator” deserves a laser.