Tesla c2050 Idle Power Consumption

I need information about Tesla c2050 Power consumption. Specifically, I need to know how many Watts the card needs when idle (i.e. connected through 8-pin and 6 pin connectors but not doing any computation).
I cannot find it in the specifications.



It’s not officially documented. But the value will be close to 23 watts.

I base this on this GTX470 comparison which shows the difference in measured idle power between 1 and 2 GTX470s is 226-203=23 watts.

The c2050 is comparable to the GTX470 in the chip, core count, and clocks.

Add a few watts for the larger memory.

are you guys sure? I don’t need the precise value, but an approximate one.
The reason I am asking is because NVIDIA just told me c2050 uses 125W when idle.
I am confused: I am measuring the whole system power consumption with a power meter and it gives me 180W. Really c2050 is taking 2/3 of it when idle?According to NVIDIA yes.

I could unplug my card and test the system but unfortunately my machine is under warranty and I can’t break the seals.

They put seals on a machine with C2050? How unthoughtful!

Are you measuring the whole system idle power just after boot? Or after warming up the GPU by running a CUDA app and then letting it sit? Some have reported that after the GPU is initialized, the power spikes to a much higher idle and then remains there - not going back down until after a cold boot.

I am measuring power when system is idle (i.e. not doing major computations) and it gives around 180 W, then I run some GPU kernel which boosts the power consumption. When the benchmark is over, power consumption goes back to idle value observed before. So I don’t see the behavior you are explaining.

But, I need to know how much of my idle value is taken by the c2050.


Do you have a GUI loaded on boot? I guess I should have specified that the behavior I describe only applies when before the CUDA driver is loaded - i.e. on a headless compute node after a cold boot but before the first application is run.

I do

I do, but there is another video card taking care of display. Therefore c2050 should be completely idle.

For GTX470, the idle power is ~30W, the exactly value depends on your GPU temperature. After run a kenerl on GPU, firstly, the GPU idle power will hold about 80~100W for seconds(normal frequency), then drop back to ~30W(lower frequency).

Measured: 38.5 W