Elevated Power at Idle - 410.78 - Headless

  • PROBLEM 1: On fresh boot, card will correctly return to P8 at idle, but still consume 35w.
  • PROBLEM 2: After waking up from a suspension, card stays at P0 while Idle, using same 35w.
  • Card is headless
  • No X on GPU
  • Persistence Daemon is active
  • bug report: https://pastebin.com/pA6qYnhP

    I’ve got 2 2080ti’s on the way, I can only imagine the power draw if this bug applies to them too!

    Nvidia-smi doesn’t display the power draw of your gpu, how did you measure it? Since it stays at 27°C I find it hard to believe it’s really pulling 35 Watts.

    nvidia-smi stats gives output:

    0, pwrDraw , 1546024020323043, 35
    0, temp , 1546024020355288, 27

    After a fresh boot, if I run a load for a bit, when back at P8 it will idle at 19C. 27C is VERY high for this card in this system. During full load (100% core and 100% memory util) for 10min it will only hit ~40C with fan only at 35%…during full load pwrDraw shows 68w.

    ‘stats’ was an experimental option, don’t rely on it outputting true values.

    Ok, but:

  • State is still P0 at "Idle" state (if any suspend has occurred at any pt).
  • Clock is still 1366-1500Mhz at "Idle".
  • Temp is 8C higher than proper P8 Idle.
  • pwrDraw values do move in sync with clock rate and SW Power Cap status when close to max draw
  • After a reboot + full load, it properly Idles at P8 with clocks at ~100-200Mhz and temp ~20C (ambient)
  • These tell me it is using more power.

    Maybe start with checking for a newer bios, problems after suspend/resume are most often related to that.