Texture 3D with OptiX


Is it possible to mix OptiX with volumetric representation? For instance, to store the ray tracing result in a 3D texture?

Thanks! =)

Hi @cjsb,

Yes, you can mix OptiX & volumes in multiple ways, including storing the results into 3d textures. Think about it this way - the OptiX raygen program is, in almost every way, just a regular CUDA kernel, so you can do anything with your ray tracing results that you could do with any data in a general CUDA compute kernel. Hopefully that makes it easier to see that there aren’t any API limits on what you can do with your OptiX results or on how you can combine them with other code, techniques, APIs, or renderers.

That’s a very wide open question that can be accomplished in a number of very different ways, and depends heavily on how your app & pipeline & data are structured, so if you have any specific ideas or constraints in mind, please feel free to add any details you’d like to discuss, and we can try to point you in the right direction.


Hi @dhart

thanks for the response David.

At this point I just want to store the color from the ray intersection in a 3D texture. Later I will probably do ray sampling from the voxel centers, do you have any direction on that?

Best! =)