The configuration of GPU Time-Slice on Kubernetes

[Hi, everyone!

I have four GPUs(RTX A6000), and I want to enable time-slicing on two of them but not on the other two. I checked the documentation related to GPU time-slicing but couldn’t find any information about it.

And when I did nvidia-smi -i compute-policy --set-timeslice -l command on terminal, all four GPUs says “default”. I think this means when I use GPU time-slicing on Kubernetes, all GPUs are applied to time-slicing. it’s not desirable to me.


Why, what is it you are trying to accomplish?

That almost certainly cannot be done, but you can put the GPU in exclusive process mode.

GPU time-slicing refers to the ability of a GPU to support multiple host processes. The nvidia-smi options for this are default, short, medium, and long. On/Off is not an option.

But you can disable a GPU from supporting multiple host processes by setting the compute mode to exclusive process.

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Thank you for advice.

Why, what is it you are trying to accomplish?

I want to build a development environment that allows me to use rich and poor GPU resources. If I apply time-slicing to all GPUs, the rich GPU resources will be unusable due to errors such as Out of memory when multiple users access the development environment.

On the GPUs that you don’t want to be “time sliced”, set them to exclusive process compute mode, using nvidia-smi

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Thanks. I will do it.