The frame order is not in sequence

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I am using below pipeline and load with a local mp4 file.

uridecodebin->nvstreammux->nvinfer->nvtracker->tee->msgconv → msgbroker

And then I log some timestamp inside GstBuffer when stream enter into uridecodebin child element.

And then when I read those timestamp after pad_prob, I can find the timestamp is not in sequence.

And this cause, my output event is not ordered by timestamp.

My question is , is this normal? And how can I control the frame sequence during my pipeline?

Where and how did you log the timestamp in uridecodebin?

I added pad_probe for h264parse and log the timestamp in that probe.

Please refer to H.264 : Advanced video coding for generic audiovisual services ( The h264parse output h264 raw data. The compressed H264 raw data are not frame by frame but NAL by NAL. Please google or consult your multimedia engineers how the video data are compressed by H264 and what is the meaning and construction of H264 NAL. It is correct to get such disordered timestamps with NALs.

It has nothing to do with DeepStream.