The mlx5 driver in DPDK crashes on ConnectX-4

DPDK 18.11.2 and 19.02 crashes on ConnectX-4 under a significant load

(e.g., 50Gbps). It crashes in rxq_cq_decompress_v(),

in rxq_burst_v(), in mlx5_rx_burst_vec().

Any help is appreciated.

More details:

Hi Yasuhiro,

Have you tried disabling rx cqe compression?

rxq_cqe_comp_en enables optimized received packets’ completion algorithm when PCI back pressure is detected. To disable this please set to 0 (“rxq_cqe_comp_en=0”).



Thank you Chen,

It seems that disabling rxq_cqe_comp_en is not easy for me.

I’m writing my own DPDK app and I couldn’t find proper DPDK functions

to set devargs. I’ll try to disable it, checking references from test-pmd.

(and I haven’t reproduced the bug neither in test-pmd nor l3fwd…)

I filed a bugzilla.