The problem of the key used to load the model is incorrect

Hello. When I tried to export the cal_cache_file of resnet50_peoplenet_transformer.tlt, I got the error message displayed that the key used to load the model is incorrect.

However. The model key I set is nvidia_tao from official website.

How could I do to deal with the exporting problem ?

The contents below are my command to export cache file|

sudo docker run -it --rm -v /home/ubuntu/tao_test_2023/tensorflow_train/model_zoo/detectnet_v2/peoplenet_transformer/:/workspace/tao-experiments 
                detectnet_v2 export 
                         -m /workspace/tao-experiments/resnet50_peoplenet_transformer.tlt 
                         -o /workspace/tao-experiments/result2 
                         --cal_cache_file /workspace/tao-experiments/result2 
                         -k nvidia_tao

The picture below is the error message

Can you share the website?

PeopleNet Transformer | NVIDIA NGC

Can you try nvidia_tlt or tlt_encode ?

It works by changing the key to tlt_encode. Thank you very much !

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