The source code analysis of the Nsight Compute GUI lacks "Sampling Data", "Instruction Executed" and other reports

First, in the ubuntu system,I used “nvcc -o g1_32 -lineinfo” to generate the executable “g1_32”, then I used “sudo ncu --set roofline -o g1_cuda_32 --target-processes all ./g1_32” to generate the “g1_cuda_32. ncu rep” file, and opened it with “ncu-ui ./g1_cuda_32.ncu-rep”.However, the source code analysis lacks “Sampling Data”, “Instructions Execution” and other reports.
As shown in the following two figures, the first one is my GUI, and the second one is my desired GUI.

To collect source level metrics you need to use the –set source or –section SourceCounters option. To collect both roofline and source metrics you can use –set roofline --set source.
Please refer