Thumbs Project, please help

Hi Guys,

i have a Problem with the Thumbs Project on (Course Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano Image Classification Thumbs Project.

i follow the instruction everything works but whenever i press the Train button my Nano hang up.

What i did:
check the User rights from Folder with the Pictures i made -> ok
check Internet connection -> ok
try Powermode 0/1

same Problem all the time

i need Support please.

Thank you in advance
Regards from Germany

Hey Guys,

i found that solution with checking the Folder of empty Files.
I dont have any empty Files in the Folder.

Folder structure look like that :


Hi @wokitronic, are you able to see that there are indeed image files in your thumbs_A/thumbs_down and thumbs_A/thumbs_up folder?

It is normally for the Nano to take a couple minutes for it to initially start the training (PyTorch is loading). However, if it hangs indefinitely, can you try these suggestions below?

  • I notice in your screenshot that you are browsing JupyterLab from your Jetson desktop. Can you try browsing it from a PC? You should be able to type that URL into your PC’s browser and connect. This will free up more resources on your Jetson.

  • You might also want to shut down your Jetson’s desktop entirely by disconnecting the display, or shutting down the desktop

  • Do you have SWAP memory mounted? Can you keep an eye on the memory usage by running sudo tegrastats in the background?

Many thanks dusty

I just disconnect HDMI Desktop from Jetson and Start Jupyter with my Laptop and it works

Happy with That 😁