Timing the kernel with cpu timer results in different timings


I have kernel for vector to matrix multiplication. If I do timing of that kernel in separate sample.cu file, profiling time is around 100 - 130 micro sec.

If I include the same kernel in my project with same configurations and input sizes, I’m getting above 260 micro sec.

Can anyone suggest me, why I’m getting the different timings?

This is the kernel code:

template<typename T>
__global__ void matvec_kernel(
		T * dA, 
		T * dx, 
		T * dev_ptr_y) 

  unsigned int bid = blockIdx.x;
  T * y_sub = dev_ptr_y + bid * BLOCK_SIZE;
  T y_val = 0.0;

  T * Asub;
  T * xsub;

  unsigned int row = threadIdx.x;
  unsigned int col = threadIdx.y;

  for (unsigned int m = 0; m < (NS / BLOCK_SIZE); ++m) {

    __shared__ T A_shared[BLOCK_SIZE * BLOCK_SIZE];
    __shared__ T x_shared[BLOCK_SIZE];

    Asub = dA + BLOCK_SIZE * (bid + m * NS);
    xsub = dx + m * BLOCK_SIZE;

    /* x_shared <--- xsub */
    if (row < BLOCK_SIZE)
      x_shared[row] = xsub[row];

    /* A_shared <--- Asub */
    if (row < BLOCK_SIZE && col < BLOCK_SIZE)
      A_shared[row + col * BLOCK_SIZE] = Asub[row + col * NS];


    for (unsigned int e = 0; e < BLOCK_SIZE; ++e) {
      if (row < BLOCK_SIZE)
        y_val += A_shared[row + e * BLOCK_SIZE] * x_shared[e];

  if (row < BLOCK_SIZE)
    y_sub[row] = y_val;


Hi @himajyothi802,
This forum branch is dedicated to CUDA GDB support. If your question is related to CUDA GDB (compute debugger), please provide more details:

  • Do you run the application under debugger in both cases?
  • Do you the the timing difference without the debugger?

If the question is not CUDA GDB specific, please consider using general CUDA programming forum branch: CUDA Programming and Performance - NVIDIA Developer Forums

It might be due to compilation settings/differences between the two cases.

In any event, this can’t be diagnosed with the just the kernel code. A complete description of both cases being compared would be necessary.

Thank you for your reply… Issue resolved…

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