Titan V drivers unlocked for Professional Workloads as the Titan Xp

Good morning to everyone,
I would like to ask one question:

Last year Nvidia unlock some professional capabilities in his Titan Xp, especially for OpenGL workloads like CATIA, and other 3D CAD software.

Are the same feature unlocked as well for the Titan V?

Thank you very much!

This is something I think they should do for all of the Titan cards. And I believe the only reason they unlocked the Xp was because of ATI and the Vega FE. It would be a amazing gift to us all for spending so much only to never get the full potential from the product.

My Titan V’s are limited to 1335mhz for all compute loads. Nvidia is aware, but has not to date released a driver without this limit.

My GTX1080ti and RTX2080ti founder-edition cards run full clocks in graphics and compute.