To enable sdcard slot on sdmmc3

What are the exact steps to enable the sdcard slot on sdmmc3 ? We have an emmc flashed. The usb drive does detect an SD card, but we want to use the external SD card on our board for a data drive. This external drive is not detected yet using blkid.


Have you checked other posts regarding sdmmc3 as what we suggested in the post you filed few days ago?

Yes, but there doesnt seems to be any clear answer that applies.

There is mention of dts files, but on the host computer I only have dtb files.

Is there a way to simply modify some files on the host computer and then reflash ? I have searched the forums, but they keep mentioning dts files.

The source code is over here.

And the method to build kernel is over here.

This is hard to reply your question directly because I don’t know what is your background for doing this. If you are familiar with linux kernel. Then you may already know the dtb/dts concept.

Those posts over this forum is telling how to modify the sdmmc part in the device tree to enable your extra sdcard slot.

However, there is no standard answer for this because everyone’s board design may be different.

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