Jetson Nano with emmc and SD card Reader, SD card not detected

Hi guys!. hope you are doing ok.

I have this jetson nano, I was able to flash the OS using the EMMC, but after booting the SD card is not being recognize.
I suspect of the device tree file, but even enabling the sdhci@700b0400 which is the sdcard reader. still no luck.

I’m using

as the BSP.

any clue?.


Thanks for your reply Wayne.
so If I understand this. I need to download the kernel sources make some changes on the dts file and recompile the kernel? is that so?

Yes, that’s right.

ok, one more question. can I use the script in order to download the kernel sources? or should I do something different?

Use the tarball from our download center or should be both fine.

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I coudn’t find the sourcer for 4.9 kernel?

Then just use the tarball.

After downloading the source code for 4.9 I got confused about where to found the dts file to modify, there is no tegra210-p3448-0002-p3449-0000-b00.dts file.

Dts files are in the “hardware” directory. Not in k4.9

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thanks a lot, I was kind of lost over the directory tree but I think I got it now. :)