Booting from external SD Card with a Jetson Nano(16gb emmc)

Hi, I’m trying to boot with my Jetson Nano((16gb emmc)) and a customised carrier board from the external SDCARD , I can’t find a detailed method, has anyone made it happen?

ps: The office jetson nano OS can’t recognize the external SDCARD.

Could you provide more detail information.(e.g: log , dts , layout file)

There is no support to boot from external sdcard.

What we can teach here is how to change the kernel device tree and let sdmmc3 gets probed. Search “sdmmc3” in this jetson nano forum and it will bring you more threads.

I think what you are providing here is not helpful. A picture of your board PCB and a picture from our official document does not provide any information. If you want to share info for hardware design, you should directly paste your schematic.

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