Jetson Nano SD reader not working (SeeedStudio rev B01)

Answer :

Thanks again for your answer.
I am defenitly not trying to boot from my SD card and I don’t want to put my OS on it.
I just want to use it as an extra storage space in addition to the eMMC memory I already have.
You say it’s fairly easy but I haven’t managed to do it. I bought an SD card and formatted it (first in FAT32 then finally in ext4).
But when I inserted it in my built-in Nano card reader, it wasn’t detected.
Having never done this before, I don’t know what I need to do to get my SD card detected.

That’s why I looked on the NVIDIA forums and the community was talking about changing the status of the port address in the appropriate .dtb file (see my previous post).
I looked at these links (especially the second) :

(no matter what I do, the kernel logs don’t show that the SD card is being read)

Thanks for your explanations, I understand certain things.
Concerning my .dtb file, no matter which file I modify in /boot, nothing different happens and none of them is called at startup.
Does this make sense with your explanation?
It is indeed confusing because I did not know that eMMC’s users and developper kit’s users would have such differences.

So, to use my SD card you’re saying I’d just have to mount it in a directory? I’ll try to do that and get back to you.

I’ve opened another topic with another problem, can you have a look?

After your explanations, I deduce that the problem would also come from the fact that I’m using a model with eMMC and not an NVIDIA model.
Can you confirm this? Can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you for your precious time, I really appreciate it.
Best regards,