Totall CUDA noob!

Hello. I am trying to make working environment to develop my first CUDA program.

However I am not sure what should I use.

I made plain Windows C++ console application, but I don’t know what to include in my project.
Should include some dll library?

This doesn’t compile in my cpp file holding the main() function:

void VecAdd(float* A, float* B, float* C)
	int i = threadIdx.x;
	C[i] = A[i] + B[i];

Visual Studio 2017 doesn’t understand what is global neither what is threadIdx.

Should I make a C program instead of C++?

I have installed CUDA toolkit, and also tried to install CUDA Nsight Visual Studio, which seemed like a Visual Studio version adapted to CUDA development, but I don’t know where to find it on disk to start it.

I tried to install separate Nsight Visual Studio, but the installation wizard says, I have the IDE already installed on my PC.

Some guidance please? I need just the basic steps to run a CUDA program.

When I started, I watched these videos and followed the Windows Installation Guide, everything just worked: