Implement CUDA in a standard VC++ project

Is there a way to implement CUDA in an existing standard Visual Studio 2010 C++ project? I mean to convert my project to a CUDA project without using a wizard. The project contains a huge amount of source code in a hundreds of files and I cannot move it manually into the new project created with “CUDA project wizard”. All I need is to implement a single group of source files as GPU accelerated with CUDA. Is there any way to do that?

Solution Explorer -> Right click on the project’s name -> Build Customizations -> CUDA x.x -> Ok

Prerequisites: having installed CUDA x.x Toolkit (compatible with Visual Studio 2010) – check against release notes, and having installed the Visual Studio Build Customizations

Instructions might differ, but this is a possible start.

Make sure you backup your existing project in case addidng the build customization step breaks something.

So simple! Thank you very much!