How to convert existing visual studio 2010 c++ project to cuda 5 project?

I don’t think it’s a simple library/include path add. I have this big project and I need to add cuda code into it. Please help.

Make a new CUDA project with the templates, add your source code. You might have to change a few include headers around as well as adding the CUDA includes to the respective files… that’s how I did it with 2 separate projects with about 6 different C files. Basically anything with a .cu extension will be processed by nvcc.

Isn’t there a more elegant way?

Perhaps something like this, minus starting from a blank project:

How does that translate to VS2010 and later?

Figured that was general enough, here’s one specific for VS2010 (Tom’s answer, again minus creating a new project):

Yeah, it’s actually pretty obvious and easy. :) Simply go into Build and Build Customizations and check CUDA 5.0 or whatever version you want to use and is installed.