Cuda 5.0 setup with Visual C++ 2010 EXPRESS

OK any help from someone who has gotten this to work would be very appreciated.
I do not know what I am missing but I can not get a cuda project setup in Visual Studio 2010 express.

The sample projects compile and run fine, but I am trying to setup my own project.

The tool seems to have no concept of cuda at all.

Even pointing me to detailed instructions on what to do.

Simple instructions of install VS and the cuda toolkit do not work for someone completely new to this environment.
It has become very frustrating.

If someone from Nvidia monitors this I would also ask how is this not taken care of with the installation process.


Google is your friend;

that series walks you through the whole process.

Thank you.

I think CudaaduC really meant part 2 of the series

I found nothing about setting up CUDA with Visual C++ in part 1.