set up a cuda project template for visual studio 2008 express

After working under linux and nsight eclipse edition, I have to port some of my code for windows. So I want to test it under visual studio 2008, but I’ve got only the express edition.
Now I want to set up a project template manual on my own, because I don’t want to adjust every program for the cuda requirements.
I can run a cuda programm and build it with vs2008 express, after adjust everything manual.
I know it’s possible to import project templates with the express editions - I testet it with a template for c# and it works.
But I’m not possible to import a template for c++.

This is my .vstemplate file (I extracted it from the cuda toolkit installer .cab files)

		<Name>Cuda 5.0 Runtime Project</Name>
		<Description>Creates a cuda runtime project</Description>
		<ProjectType>Visual C++</ProjectType>

        <Project File="CudaRuntimeVS9.0.vcproj" TargetFileName="$safeprojectname$.vcproj" ReplaceParameters="true">

            <CustomParameter Name="$cudamajorver$" Value="5" />
            <CustomParameter Name="$cudaminorver$" Value="0" />

I’ve packed the .vstemplate, .vcproj and the .ico to a zip, copied the zip file to the default project template dir and run VCExpress.exe /installvstemplates.

These three steps work fine with the c# template (it’s not a cuda template and I used VCSExpress.exe of course) but not for c++.

Is there any failure in de .vstemplate or make I anything else wrong?

Set up everything to compile and run a cuda program is not my problem, as I wrote, too.
What I want is to make a template for a cuda program which is chooseable in the “new project menu”.