Training and using a model as a commercial company to be used in a non-commercial project of a museum

Often one word can make a huge difference in code, here is a question about one word in the Licence txt “non-commercial”.
Together with a state-owned (hard to translate german word “gemeinnützig” - public, non-profit) museum we are digitizing their big collection of fabric patterns and are dreaming of using StyleGAN2 ADA for the analysis and interpretation of it.
The Licence (stylegan2-ada/LICENSE.txt at main · NVlabs/stylegan2-ada · GitHub) is not clear about if the museum can run the algorithm with the model that we trained on their server and let users generate images with it via a web API.
I would be very happy if you could point me in the right direction if this is legally possible.
Many thanks
Martin from LAB BINÆR