Trigger collider not working for Convex Hall Collider Approximation

I have a problem, My robot has a large triggered object infront of it to detect colliders and change forward direction (simple autonomos drive). the triggered object is of type Convex Hall and also has a TriggerState component.
a collision is detected with Triangle Mesh colliders but not with other Convex Hall Colliders.

Not sure what could be wrong, but it seems the collision on the rock is somehow not created, is there some error or warning in the log?
Doing a quick check indicates, that this should work correctly:


Thank you for checking the issue on your end. Could you please try to set the vertex limit of the none moving cylinder to 8 (to match the rock’s collider)? Is it still working properly on your end?

Thank you

Yes, even that seems to work fine. I think there is some error with the approximation, since I dont see the collision visualization on your video. Would it be possible to share the stage with me please?