Trigger shapes aren't fired by non-simulation Rigid Actors?


I have a question that if trigger shapes are fired by non-simulation Rigid Actors.

What I am trying is that a functionality like “Ghost” in Bullet or “Phantom” in Havok.
As far as I know, those objects have volumes(simple geometries) but don’t simulate to collide.
Even though, they are used to trigger events when they overlap event volumes.

On PhyX, I tried a trigger shape against a PxRigidDynamic with a shape flagged PxShapeFlag::eSIMULATION_SHAPE, that is okay.
Then, I changed the PxRigidDynamic to PxRigidStatic with the same shape, that no event was fired when it moved by setGlobalPose to overlap the trigger shape.
Finally, a PxRigidDynamic with a shape that have no PxShapeFlag(no sim), that dose not fire, either.

So, I wonder if there is a way to fire trigger shapes with Rigid Actors not in simulation?

You could use a kinematic actor (PxRigidDynamic with PxRigidBodyFlag::eKINEMATIC set). A kinematic actor is an actor whose motion is controlled by the user. You move it by setting a kinematic target, which it will move to in the next time-step.

I see it. That’s a help for me.
Thank you!