PhysX 4.1 Character Controller hit report against triggers


I have a small question I can’t seem to find a lot of information on.

Is it normal for character controllers to not report collisions with trigger shapes?

To give a bit more context now. I’ve created a simple character controller, and simple static sphere shape. If I leave the shape with PxShapeFlag::eSIMULATION_SHAPE = true and PxShapeFlag::eTRIGGER_SHAPE = false I get the
onShapeHit(const PxControllerShapeHit& hit) callback with it. If I just swap the shape flags and make the sphere a trigger I no longer get any callback.

I’ve seen a solution of creating such “character only triggers” is to use obstacles but I keep wondering if this is the normal behavior or is it I am doing something wrong?

Any tips would be appreciated.