Status: MSI NVidia GTX 750 Ti installed for CUDA
NVidia FX 1800 serving 2 LCD dispays

Goal: second NVidia 750 Ti based card for UDA


  • MSI card took two PCIe slots!
  • four (4) SATA drives with cables take space
    therefor MSI card fit only to one slot
    because it is very long!

Looking for:
~ designed to fit GPU computing card for CUDA
~ Maxwell based card tuned to computing
i.e. all extra stripped away because other
card takes care of graphics

~ DIY one slot graphic card built using AMD
/Sapphire cooling with 750 Ti chip do exist
but are there any available from manufacturers
with guarantee for cooling and performance?

Any advice & feedback more than welcome

What about the Manli GeForce GTX 750 Ti:

Thanks !
I’ll explore it - maybe “designed to fit” GPU-cards can be found!

This one has also a single slot bracket only:

Another candidate: