Tesla K40 installation

Im using GTX750Ti for CUDA programming

then Tesla K40 arrived by funding

im unable to figure out how it will works

on motherboard PCI-E 3 dual slot is available

I assume your K40 is a K40c, meaning it has a fan on it.

  1. Power down the system
  2. Plug the K40c into an empty/available PCIE x16 slot. Make sure to provide the necessary aux-power connections to the K40c. (There should be extra cables available from your system power supply that will plug into the K40c). Leave the GTX750Ti in the slot that it is already in.
  3. Power up the system.

No other steps are required. Your existing CUDA installation that you are using with the GTX750Ti should just work with the K40. As a test, run:


You can also run the deviceQuery CUDA sample code.

So any Geforce newer than 7xx will work nicely with a K40c?