TX2 Development Board BOM

Hello all,

I’m trying to generate a BOM from the TX2 project files, however we cannot get our output to match the BOM provided by Nvidia. Specifically, the Manufacturer PN, tolerances, and other information seems to be embedded in the CDS_PART_NAME field. Other information (such as the part provider) I cannot seem to find in any of the fields. The information that’s provided in the bill of materials for the TX2 does not seem to be contained in the schematic files for the board itself. For example, in the provided BOM Part # U11 looks like this:


And the entry in Capture looks like this:


Am I missing something or do I have to generate it manually each time? Thank you very much.

There have substitute components, so please refer to BOM file about component P/N and staff options.

@JimWang Hi, Can you provide a link to the BOM file? Thanks.

Hi ap3t43c,

Please file it from Jetson Download Center: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads