UE5.1 DLSS buzzing artifacts on foliage

I am getting buzzing artifacts on my foliage when my camera becomes stationary. Once the camera starts moving the artifacts go away. This only happens while dlss is enabled. This seems to be heighted even more when indirect lighting effects are exaggerated, such as skylight intensity.
Any ideas or help would be much appreciated.

Below is a you tube link of the effect. You may need to enlarge and make 720 to see it properly

Buzzing effect

Hello @ben40 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

How are you using DLSS, as part of Unreal, using StreamLine or as a standalone SDK version? And which release version of DLSS do you use?

The effect you are seeing can have several different reasons, hard to tell which.

Did you try out different DLSS presets? Is the effect present with all of them?
There are several chapters in the programming guide that might help you along. The Programming Guide is part of the standard DLSS SDK download, the latest version is from 19th Jan 2023 with DLSS 3.1.0.

If you are using high-frequency textures for your foliage, you might want to check Mip-Map Bias settings (3.5.1).
Another source of effects like the ones you see are due to incorrect or insufficient motion vectors (3.6).
And you should checkout the paragraph on Sub-Pixels Jitter (3.7) and how to debug issues with it (8.3)
In fact, the whole section 8 is dedicated to trouble-shooting visual or other artifacts.

I hope this helps to get you started!


Hi Markus

Thanks for your response. I have adjusted the presets, and this has stopped the buzzing effect.

Ben :)