UFFParser error with conv2d_transpose


When I try to parse uff model in C++, I got the following error:
std::shared_ptr UffParser::parseConvTranspose(const uff::Node&, const Fields&, NodesMap&): Assertion `(outSpatial[0] == layer->getOutput(0)->getDimensions().d[1] && outSpatial[1] == layer->getOutput(0)->getDimensions().d[2]) && “Uff parser gets incorrect outSpacial”’ failed.

This error is caused by conv2d_transpose/conv2d_transpose op.
The uff model is converted from tensorflow pb file, and the original method from tensorflow is tf.layers.conv2d_transpose. I also list my usage of the function here:

upsampled = tf.layers.conv2d_transpose(inputs=input,

I tried to change kernel_size from 2 to 4 (not work).
I tried to change strides to 2 & 4 (not work).

Also, I found a similar Q&A by https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1039218/tensorrt/uffparser-error-for-deconvolution-in-conv2d_transpose/
But the answer could not help me.

Linux distro and version: ubuntu 16.04
GPU type: P4000
nvidia driver version: 418.56
CUDA version 9.0
CUDNN version 7.1.4
Python version [if using python]
Tensorflow version 1.6
TensorRT version 5.1

What type of tf model/layers are you converting? tf.layers.conv2d_transpose

Thank you