Unable to back up

Unable to back up

What was your exact backup command? Also, at the location on your computer where you ran the backup command (a place with flash.sh), what do you see for storage space?
df -H .
(the “.” is important)

Additionally, whatever the backup file name (I’ll pretend it is “backup”), there will be two files created:

  • The raw file, “backup.img.raw”,
  • The sparse file, “backup.img”.

What is the exact byte size of the raw “backup.img.raw”?

hello junxing.liang,

please share your command-line for reference,
btw, please refer to developer guide, To clone a Jetson device and flash. it’ll clone the source device’s APP partition to backup.img and backup.img.raw.

sudo ./flash.sh -r -k APP -G mysystem.img rtso-9001 mmcblk0p1

is this rtso-9001 your platform, you don’t use Jetson TX2 DevKit?

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