Unable to get API key

When i click to generate my API key, the dialog box disappears and I’m never given my key.

I’ve tried on different browsers but still no luck. Can anybody help me?

Hi @OhDim! Thanks for reaching out with your question.

The dialog box should disappear once you click “Generate API Key” and your API key should be appear on the page as a third code snippet block.

The expected steps are as follows:

  1. Login in to NGC
  2. Select Setup from the drop down when you click your account name on the top left
  3. Click “Get API Key”, which will lead you into a page with 2 code snippet blocks under “Usage” - one for use of the API key with the NGC CLI, and another for use with Docker
  4. Select “Generate API Key” which will show a confirmatory pop-up
  5. Upon confirming, the pop-up should disappear leaving you with the same page as what you landed on in Step 3 - however this time there will be a third code snippet with the API key.

I gave this a try from my end just now and it worked as expected.

If you’re still unable to generate the API key, can you please share a screen recording of your experience along with the exact browser name and version you’re using for further triage? I’ll be happy to route this internally to have your issue resolved at the earliest.

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When I try to generate an API key I get the message ‘Selecting “Confirm” will generate a new API Key, and your old API Key will become invalid.’ However, when I click on Confirm the dialog box disappears and never got my key.

I’ve tried this several times in different browsers but…not getting…