Unable to see & update QSPI partitions on NOR flash

Hi Nvidia,

For my Jetson Orin Nano devkit, I’m using the Yocto flow to create an OS. I’d like to implement an update mechanism to allow runtime updates for the rootfs/kernel/DTB as well as for the UEFI DTB.
So far, I can update the rootfs/kernel/DTB partitions on the SSD, but I cannot access the QSPI NOR flash to modify the UEFI DTB. I don’t see any MTD entry under /dev and /sys/class/mtd/ is empty. Also, there is no MTD related message in dmesg.

Interestingly, the initrd flash mechanism seems to support exactly that. In the first step, the initrd flash script uploads a kernel that somehow enables /dev/mtd1 and can access and update the QSPI NOR flash. So, I’m wondering what is different?

I decompiled the jetson-orin-nano-devkit.dtb file which is flashed by the initrd flash script to the device and found an SPI entry “spi@3270000” with the section “spiflash@0”. However, /proc/spi@3270000/ is not present in the running system at all. Did some bootloader modify the device-tree, or what is going on? How can I prevent that from happening?

Thanks for your help!

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