undefined reference to `acc_get_num_devices_'


I have a problem to compile a regional climate model (WRF). I have this error:
…/main/module_wrf_top.o: In function module_wrf_top_wrf_init_': /home/2281clim/bsacre/polarWRF/WRFV3/main/../main/module_wrf_top.f90:61: undefined reference to acc_get_num_devices_’
/home/2281clim/bsacre/polarWRF/WRFV3/main/…/main/module_wrf_top.f90:72: undefined reference to `acc_set_device_num_’

What’s the problem? I use pgi 9.0.3. I compile without -ta=nvidia:fastmath,host #


Hi julien1188,

You most likely selected the PGI Accelerator model configuration.

One option would be to re-run configure and select an option without the GPU code (i.e. option 1 to 4).

Alternatively, you can remove the define flag “-D_ACCEL” from your configure.wrf file.

Hope this helps,

It’s ok!

Thank you!