Unified Memory on Jetson TK1

Dear All,

I read from CUDA 6.0 version onwards Unified memory is introduced to reduce development efforts and reducing efforts to transfer data between CPU-GPU…

Working with Jetson TK1 and documentation states physical memory is unified … does it mean i can use all memory as unified memory ?

I want to know size of unified memory available on Jetson TK1 ? How is the speed while using unified memory vs GPU memory ?

Most of that I can’t answer. However, I believe the GPU does not have its own memory on TK1, although it has its own memory address. Transferring data from a program to the GPU or back implies shuffling data around on the physical memory address space.


Not really sure your use case for transferring data between CPU and GPU, but you could refer to below 2 links to get more understanding, and see if could get the helps.