Unknown error in example on NVS 135M

Hello All,

I am using CUDA for the first time today and am unable to run the matrixMul example after compiling it.

So far I have:

Installed the updated driver on my laptop which has a Quadro NVS 135M. I had to use the hacked .ief file which I got from this forum. I then rebooted.

Next I installed the toolkit and then the SDK with their default install options.

I then opened the solution file for the matrixMul example in MS VS 2005 and compiled the example with no errors.

When I then run the example, it pauses for a few seconds then returns the message:

Cuda error in file ‘matrixMul.cu’ in line 86 : unknown error.

I have looked into cutil.h and found that cudaThreadSynchronize() seems to be causing the pause in CUDA_SAFE_CALL.

I am now confused as cudaThreadSynchronize() returns “unknown error”

Has anyone heard of this problem before?

Could it be a problem with my drivers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Peter Wells