Unusual engine size when generated on JetPack 4.6.4

When generating TRT engine file, the file size is quite weird on one of my model on xavier running jetpack 4.6.4. here are some of the numbers:
original onnx file: 6.2M
and the engine files generated:
RTX 3080 mobile: 5.0M
orin nano dev running jetpack 5.1.2: 5.7M
xavier nx running jetpack 4.5.1: 3.4M
xavier nx running jetpack 4.6.4: 61.2M
xavier nx running jetpack 5.1.2: 5.4M
the above engines are generated with optimization profile set to min =1x1x64x128, opt=8x1x64x128, max=24x1x64x128 and fp16

to further experiment with the settings, set optimization profile to the same size 16x1x64x128 with fp16, the generated engine size changed to
xavier nx running jetpack 4.6.4: 12.4M

I would like to know what is wrong with this model, here is the model that I am having problem with.

Re_20230829_op16-sim.onnx (5.9 MB)


Since TensorRT picks different algorithms based on the hardware/software resources.
So it’s possible that it picks some algorithm that contains larger precompute data.

If the inference output runs okay, it should be fine.


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