Usability of Deepstream with Python and Jetson Nano


I have a question about the usability of Deepstream working with Python (not C++) on the Jetson Nano:
(I would like to use Deepstream for person detection and counting on the Jetson Nano)

First some information about my system:

  • Jetson Nano
  • image: jetson-nano-4gb-jp441-sd-card-image
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Processor ARMv8
  • OS type: 64-bit
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Tegra X1
  • CUDA: 10.2
  • Python 3.6.9

As far as it is possible I would like to avoid using Jupyter Notebook and Docker.
If it is necessary to use Jupyter Notebook or Docker, I would do it naturally!


  1. Subject: Python Sample Apps Source Details

The following is written in section MetaData Access:
“The bindings are provided in a compiled module, available for x86_64 and Jetson platforms.”
(This is also written here:

Does this mean that I can’t use this module on the Nano since the Nano has an ARM64 architecture?
Would it follow that I cannot apply this samples ( on the Jetson Nano?
It seems to me that all (?) examples somehow access / use the the MetaData library (this would certainly also be necessary for custom applications I think).

Please tell me that I’m wrong.

I have already read a lot of posts within the NVIDIA forum that Deepstream can basically be used on the Nano but the question described above still unsettles me.

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You can install DeepStream SDK:

$ sudo apt install deepstream-5.0

and download the python samples.

Should be runnable without any problem.
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thanks for your reply.

I tried deepstream-test1 and deepstream-test2 yesterday yesterday and both was runable :)

Best regards