USB Type C monitor (Solved)

does Xavier support USB TYPE C monitor ? does it require to install some drivers for this?

I did not try, but USB -C monitors should work without installation of additional drivers, I believe.

I have not heard that the Xavier would turn on alternate mode for a USB-C plug to send display port over them. I think you have to use the HDMI output.
I also don’t think the built-in kernel supports the monitor-over-USB protocol that some USB monitors use, and if it did, it would be quite slow, as it wouldn’t be driven by the on-board NVIDIA graphics hardware.
I’d love to find out if one or both of the USB C connectors supports display port, though!


The Xavier is support type-c to DP monitor.
It doesn’t need install drivers.

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Oh, that’s excellent!

What kind of support is it ?

Can a single usb type c port be used with a monitor working both as a screen, power supply and usb hub like on recent laptops ?

Has anyone tried and with which monitor model ?


You could use a typeC-> DP cable to connect the typeC head on tegra and DP head on the monitor.

I could use usb-c display Asus ZenScreen Go and Asus Zencreen with usb-c port of Xavier.
However, it turned out that power supply fails to charge accumulator of the display [Zenscreen Go][ like monitor doesn’t utilize it and that cause battery to discharge from time to time. Been display link drivers installed that migt be otherwise]
On the other hand, Azus Zenscreen that has no battery works 100% of time fine.

Thank you for your answer Andrey1984.

I’ve seen the thread where you mentioned this.
My question is a little bit different though : some monitors are able to display content as well as charge laptop and act as USB hub on a single usb type C cable (ex :

I wondered if the port on the NVidia Jetson Xavier allowed that too (The monitor would power the Jetson Xavier and not the other way).

I speculated about that option. [use monitor with battery as power source]

As Zenscreen GO was said to be able to power devices like smartphones or laptops. However I couldn’t implement that and asus doesn’r seems to provide custom support for implementing that for Linux device on arm64.


I tested a USB C monitor (found one at work). Could use it as power supply, but unable to show any content on it. Seems like the usb c port of the monitor is just not displayport compatible.



Please tell me, is the NVIDIA Jetson Nano support type-c to DP-monitor too?

Hi paluch112,

There are no Type-C port on Jetson-Nano.
You can reference User Guide.

Dear All, I use for Xavier Agx type-c to dp convertor. If I reboot the xavier it is not detecting the display. I have to always remove cable and plug it again. Also I see same behaviour with my laptop whicj is installed Ubuntu 18.04 as OS. On my laptop when I enabled from kernel with command modprobe typec_displayport and typec_nvidia it is working perfect. But I couldnt find on jetpack 4.4 kernel typec_displayport module. Is there any prebuild module which is support type c display port for jetson xavier.

Hi baris.bilgin,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks

Hi kayccc,
I create new topic. Xavier AGX Type-C to Display Port Issue on Boot