Using BodyPoseNet app in Deepstream

DeepStream5.1 current version doesn’t have official support for this TLT’s BodyPoseNet application.
But there is one sample app for DeepStream SDK.

Can I use this BodyPoseNet with this sample app?

Can I use directly with this app or any changes I need to make to use this TLT’s BodyPoseNet in DeepStream?
DeepStream6.0 will support BodyPoseNet, but not sure when it will be launched officially. I apply for early access but not approved yet.

What’s the model are you referring?

BodyPostNet from TLT.

The model is here. -O

Can I use the model with this app?

I don’t think so

There is a demo for the model if you can access DS6.0

Yeah I applied for early access. But not approved yet. Can help me to get approval?

Hi edit_or,

Still can’t access the DS 6.0 EA?

I can access. Thanks

Sorry for posting to a resolved issue.

I also want to try a BodyPoseNet application with DeepStream 6.0, can I get EA approval?

I can access and using now.

Please apply it from NVIDIA DeepStream SDK 6.0 - Early Access | NVIDIA Developer

Thank you reply.
I applied for early access. But not approved yet. Can help me to get approval?

Hi you.either.evolve,

I have forwarded your request to our internal team.


Thank you for your support.
I need to decide whether to use it in my company’s products later this month.
We would appreciate it if you could approve it as soon as possible.

I can now access it.
thank you very much.

OK, good to know you can access it.

Hi @kayccc ,
I also would like to use Bodyposenet model using deepstream. I requested for early access of DS6.0 but it is still showing as approval pending. Could you please help me in getting approval for DS6.0

I got the access and I am able to use Deepstream 6.0 now.

Can this bodyposenet model be used with python bindings. I see there is a depedency of cvcore in the app which does the post-processing and all. Can the cvcore library and methods be accessed using pyds package?. If not when can I expect python version of bodypose net app?

please approve me as well