Using camera-capture as an annotation tool for using images stored in a file directory

I’ve noticed that the --help response from /usr/local/bin/camera-capture includes an option that looks like its for reading jpgs from a directory as image source:
camera-capture :filie//my_directory/

Is the correct…if so what is the correct syntax for specifying the jpg directory??

Malcolm Capel

We support gstreamer and jetson_multimedia_api. You can run a gstreamer command to read JPEG files and do decoding. Or can try this sample:


Actually we’re not interested in just displaying images we have to annotate them for training an SDD-mobilenet network. In this context annotation consists of establishing a bounding box for relevant objects in the images.



Hi @capel, the camera-capture tool from jetson-inference lacks the UI controls for pausing/seeking through the JPG images, so they would just fly by anyways. Instead, I recommend using the CVAT tool for annotating existing images and exporting them to Pascal VOC format.

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