Using ConnectX-6 Dx with Many VMs

To setup ConnectX-6 Dx cards, we follow the instruction on the “OVS
Offload Using ASAP^2 Direct” page. The three methods discussed (VF,
software vDPA, and hardware vDPA) are all limited to the number of
virtual functions (128 per port). Is that correct? If so, is it
possible to use ConnectX-6 Dx card’s hardware offload to provide
virtio/vhost-based networking to more than 600 VMs?

If not, is it safe not to use hardware offload in OVS for this card.
If so, how can we setup OVS? Do we need to use virtual functions at
all or change the eswitch mode to switchdev?

Hi agr.bnut,

Thank you for posting your query on NVIDIA community.

Based on the Release Notes for the latest firmware for the ConnectX-6 DX HCA, the following limitation on the number of VF’s in different modes has been listed —> Known Issues - NVIDIA Docs

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