Hi I am using mellanox connect-x5 nic card. And i can see number of VF supported is 1K. But in total sriov file i can see 4 only.

Can anyone suggest me how i can enable 1000VF

Hi Ansar,

From the product Brief of the ConnectX-5, "– SR-IOV: Up to 1K Virtual Functions " , this is listed under the section Features which mentions that "The section below describes hardware features and capabilities. Please refer to the driver and firmware release notes for feature availability. " That means this is supported by the ASIC. In order to validate the support from the Firmware capabilities, the Firmware Release Notes are ideal.

Based on the latest Firmware version 16.26.4012 for the CX-5 card, please refer section 2.1 "Important Notes "

SR-IOV - Virtual Functions (VF) per Port - The maximum Virtual Functions (VF) per port is 127. For further information, see RoCE Limitations.


You can validate the number of VF’s created using the mlxconfig command and also set the required value:

mlxconfig -d /dev/mst/mt4121_pciconf0 q |grep NUM_OF_VFS


#mlxconfig -d /dev/mst/mt4121_pciconf0 set NUM_OF_VFS=<>



Hi Namrata

Thanks for the response,

This is the part number of mellanox card we are using:CX556A. So we can see only 8 VFs

mlxconfig -d /dev/mst/mt4121_pciconf0 q |grep NUM_OF_VFS


So is there any possibility to increase this? .