Number of SVLANS and CVLANs on Connect X-5/Connect X-6


I have a Mellanox Connect X-5 device.

I was configuring SVLANs (QinQ) on a PF and want to inquire about the number of allowed SVLANs on a particular PF.

Is it 4096? Can you please verify? Please also confirm the same about the number of CVLANs that can be configured.

I am configuring SVLAN with the following command:

ip link add link enp67s0f1np1 name vlan0 type vlan protocol 802.1ad id 4

Regards and Thanks,

Hello @shahood,

Thank you for posting your query on our community. The ConnectX-5 adapter card can support up to 4096 VLANs. However, information regarding the supported number of S-VLANs and C-VLANs on ConnectX-5 is not readily available and needs to be provided by our Engineering team. To obtain this information, please create a support ticket with us. The support ticket can be opened by emailing " "

Please note that an active support contract would be required for the same. If you do not have a current support contract, please reach out to our Contracts team at

Thank you,